Our Skilled Team

Meet the team- The futuristic, the analytics, the creators, the ideologists- We also want to add more synonyms, but hey, we are actually a bunch of craaazzyyy eccentric thinkers who make the impossible, possible!

Pradeep Murugan

Founder, CEO

CEO – Chief Entertainment Officer; Fondly called as the Don of Brand Mascots, Pradeep Murugan is the coolest and fun-loving CEO one will ever meet. The Master Mind behind every single activity of Brand Mascots- Apart from organising and executing all everything in style, he also has the ultimate knack of handling things with ease, and if the situation is too messed up, he also knows the best ways to dodge around- just kidding! His motto stands “Beauty must always be appreciated”, so he will definitely acknowledge and appreciate all the beauties around 😉

Strengths- Dancing, Getting FDFS tickets for #Thalaivar Films, Playing Cricket

Weaknesses – Forgets to hide his wife while posting these stories

Ragul Krishnamoorthy

Co-Founder, Creative Director

The ever charming and the most creative individual in the team! He cannot be found idle even for one second as his head is actually flowing with thousands of creative ideas and who will actually be ready to sit and explain at least 10 of them to every person he meets.

The punctual person of the gang, who’s “Will reach in 2 minutes” actually means 2 hours and can almost woo any client with his words!

Strengths – Ideas, Paneer, Speaking Skills

Weaknesses – Forgetting to charge his phone, forgetting why he entered the room, forgetting…. What was I telling?

Praveen Murugan


Making numbers more fun, our beloved CFO handles and manages all of the financial matters with such ease. He is so dedicated that every time you call him, he would have been actually sitting right in front of the laptop and doing “this work only”. Shouldn’t ask about balance sheets, but if you are to sue someone, he will be the first person to be ready!

Wants to be a fitness freak but will not be able to resist ordering a Chicken Fried rice at almost every restaurant hunt.

Strengths – Numbers, Giving Reminders, giving all other works first priority than Brand Mascots

Weaknesses – Also Chicken Fried rice!

Avantikaa M

Creative Photographer

The complete package of energy and creativity, Avantikaa lights up the place with her cheerful and bubbly personality! After dedicated hours of shooting, we can find more BTS and Reels footages than the actual shoot footages and her phone actually holds more photos than her cameras or memory A perfectionist when it comes to work, and a passionate camera woman who brings out the best in every shot!

Strengths – Biryaani, Dogs, Creating Fun Reels..

Weaknesses – Can’t resist buying another shade of Matte lipstick                                                                                                                   

Suriya Balaji

Director of Photography

King of Aesthetics, brings magic in every frame! This die-hard PC Sreeram sishyan, steals the show with his calmness and his camera. He loves bringing almost everyone and everything into the frame but really has a hard time standing inside one.Multitalented, doubles up also as an artist and can hide almost anything and everything into his curly hair, including everything about himself. A fun-loving introvert who is extremely sincere and silent in everything he does which also includes flirting.

Strengths – FMC Film Camera, Pets

Weaknesses- Telugu Films

Edwin Jeh

Art Director

The coolest and the smartest member of the team who is known for his impeccable designing and creative skills. This happy-go-lucky person is the one stop for all art related solutions right from sketching, designing, illustrating, crafting to complete set designing and does a pitch perfect job and never misses to give even the slightest detail.Suriya Veriyan, Fitness freak, the most fun-loving person, cricket lover, and the only person with the best dressing sense

Strengths – Fooood, Art, Flirting Skills

Weaknesses- Forgets that he is the Art Director in every set and becomes a character artist

Prakash Lena

Chief Editor

Pride of Madurai and the famous “Naanum Madurai kaaran than da” got trending only after him. Is super energetic and chill, but if interrupted during the middle of his edits then its just *beep* *beep* and more *beeps*.Works with utmost precision and dedication, extremely honest and straight forward, loves his Mando (yes, it’s his bike) more than anything else!

Strengths – Can invent languages, doubles up as financer

Weaknesses- Ellame okay, aana appa na mattum bayam!                                                                            


Charan Teja

Cinemato grapher

A Cinematographer so dedicated,they once mistook his camera for a permanent extension of his arm! He has an uncanny knack for fitting nearly everyone and everything into his shots, yet struggles when it comes to finding his own place in the frame.No Talking Only Clicking Click Click.

Strength – Friends

Weakness – Myself



Creative Head

Creative mind providing quirky ideas, comes up with 3 messed up and 2 working ideas, Communication competence to convince people on the messed up one. Started his career as a cinematographer, Technically proficient in filmmaking, Been doing ‘Generative Fill’ on videos before it was even introduced. Come to our sets, you can hear alot of ‘Takecare in Post’, he’s one of that ‘Taken care in Post’ guy. He makes sure that a concept shapes up to its best from the scratch till its packed, Strong with Development and execution.

Strength : Resourcefulness, Efficiency expert, Quality assurance, Food

Weakness : Prone to laziness, Food


Visual Designer

A Designer who gets inspired from everything he sees around, be it a tangled web of cable or a pile of leaves or the perfectly aligned glass cladding on a skyscraper and of course from Pinterest too! He loves to experiment on designs for every medium out there from print to digital and 3D. He often gets curious about the thought process behind a design concept and wonders about the tiny little moments that led to the conceptualization of a design whenever he spots one somewhere. He’s a self proclaimed introvert who’s always ready for a trip if someone else organizes one. He spends his free time watching reviews for tech products he will never buy (and can’t really afford to)

Strengths : Reading 1000 page books in one go, Can adapt to any situation, pulling an all nighter with ease

Weakness : Daydreaming a lot, overthinking things, forgetful when it comes to the names of people